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Be careful world at large I’m in one of those severe troll moods and I’m trying to hold my breath until it passes…. If you want to stop me , throw money. You know what? Not celebrating the anniversary of the Trump insurrections tomorrow,& so I am not responsible for who I call to come get you.

Any questions?

I am so sick and tired of those little pukey patronising catholic people who say if I didn’t vote for Trump I was going straight to hell.

This urge to troll is so bad that I’m even considering downloading a shooting video game to a very nice computer . Yeah that would be nice, then I’ll like put your faces on the screen and pretend it’s You all.

My mouth is still open one year later after what they tried to do . Take great comfort that most of them are going to jail and have all of their citizen rights revoked. Thank God they can no longer vote.

No I am not proud of my fellow Floridian state people because they’re at least 100 of them who got arrested and busted because they stormed the capital. I’m a Democrat and I hate those people yes I said it: hate them! I take great comfort that when they got arrested the face was licking the tarmac.

And still, It puts my faith back in society these people are now going to be off the street for a very long time and extreme convicted felons will not be able to vote next year or in 2024 election for president! That really put my faith back in society!

I am cheering because I’m listening to AC/DC on Pandora which is a subscription streaming service for music. We are doing this at 7 PM at night, because we can.

I am never ever going to kneel correctly for these people and I don’t do it for these people I do it for God another thing forget it. 

These Trump pushers who think they’re so perfect and running the church and doing everything that’s not right and just and holy, there’s something wrong with them.

I don’t write dare you and guarantee these total assholes do not check the follow the church the real Christian checkboxes every morning.

And the US CCB and Pope Francis and all of those guys are now pushing the SYNOd which I personally think has something to do with really examining their values and the church is values in a non-superficial way.

In short, Pope Francis is coming for anybody who is a leader & does not agree. So in affect the FBI it’s not the only one cleaning house.

I keep telling you people it’s coming.

I’m not the only one who feels like this . If the FBI wants to take some time off from having to arrest to arrest those little piggy people . Just put them next to the ex mafia who will annoy them . It’d be the event of the century that two birds with one stone boom done.

I swear to God I don’t know either of these people or any of them . Let’s just put them in a corner & let it all be the annoying death match . And then you save all the taxpayers dollar money you know where everybody is boom done. I’m almost not kidding about this they should just let them do it.

It will implode people it’s not going to last forever it took me a solid 2 to 3 years to really figure that out.

And yeah, I’m holding my breath because I’m just so tired of this crazy train.

Oh one more thing, I wonder if St Paul had anything to do with those type of people who thought everything had to be prim and proper. When I was checking the Reading the bible this morning, a lot of them were ex-Jews and they were saying all the Gentile still had to be circumcised and everything had to be prim and proper and blah blah blah so I think he might of run across a few of your ancestors.

And another thing but last on my list where did you go to Rome stick your ass in the catacombs. Play dead for the rest of your life.

Boy, troll I am . I own this domain and I can say what I want and I will not be banned .


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