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Oh in the middle of moving and losing my dog I am back to trolling religious comments sites again . Why? Because I just can’t stand them there’s something inside me that thinks many of them are perverted and stuck up and micromanaging as hell.

Here’s the website here’s the story

I smell a rat I wanna smell a rat I say what’s up I like that and I just go ballistic I’m done I make no allowances for assholes , OK. This is what I wrote below they’re gonna probably delete it but I own the rights to this thing for at least the next few months. I can say whatever the hell I want here that should be enough for me.

So I don’t get what you’re trying to say here? So we have knees that are sturdy? Suppose your balance is off for any reason whatsoever? You’re so perfect you have perfect knees with big fibroid calves and big fibroid cat thunder size dick and hold your body up right that makes you holier than thou.
Are some people who are physically unable to Neil and unable to hold her body up on a hard floor dot so you can do that what does that prove to you? That proves you’re you have thunder size and you’re mean and awful and look down on people and you have stink ass pride! Maybe we only take a picture of it and show everybody how prideful you are and how you can kneel correctly! I’m sick of it I live in Florida there’s plenty of people who bow and show a sign of respect and everything . But many are willing to cast everybody off and the only one who believes properly is you. Don’t worry, we have a picture of that will show the US CCB how correct you are and how much you have a stick up your ass. You don’t even respect authority and the bishops dot.
Do not sell me down the river because I do believe but I’m 58 years old and I have bony bony legs and bony bony knees all in one piece but I have a serious balance problem when I kneel I can’t keep my body up that’s the way it is and if you wanna take it up with the bishops God and country go right ahead I’ll take a picture for you and I’ll show you what you’re not . No one is perfect dot oh I also like when people tell me what I believe but they’re not me I think that’s hilarious put it in writing and I’ll find you and I’ll get your name your address and your telephone number and find out where you work and find out your bishop and find out your parish and make sure you get fired at your job. It’s over over over. I had enough of snobs to tell everybody what they believe and they don’t believe and they’re not it?
I’ll put the biggest bet with a bookie in Las Vegas that you don’t even hear God because you have to pray from holy cards and a book and you don’t know how to really listen and hear God’s voice in the first place! Let’s put it this way don’t come to Florida it’s too expensive and you can’t afford us and we’re real down here. Our bishop is also 6 foot seven. Don’t come to Florida unless you wanna lose your job because we’ll find out who you are and you’re snooty attitude and everything else dot. Oh don’t delete this cause I have a copy of it and it’s going in my blog. I’m sick of people who say that we don’t believe but we do you’re just not us. Remember that snotty as snobby and Shorty and bowie. We can throw a kiss to God as we’re driving down the road try to get through traffic but that’s not good enough for you because you’re God and you think you’re better than everybody else.


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