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Find me in Florida is ending. A new era is starting: the Fabulous Floridians or Jeanne’s Red desk Why? Here is an explanation seriously now..

It’s over folks. Yeah it’s over here.

Both websites that I’m developing under development right now.

Great thanks to everyone who follows me here but I just haven’t anything more to write I like living in Florida but I’d like to turn it over to more of a writing blog.

Go there now.

This new site still out of development so does if you follow me on here I suggest you follow me over there if you like literary stuff. I need to develop that a little bit more stop with the politics and all the nasty stuff. All that stuff just sucked the life out of me this past 6 1/2 years.

It’s like a bad bunch of Florida roaches that hide in the cabinet. You always go back to killing them but they still exist.

I can’t blog anymore here. I need to move on to do literary things. I would like to focus more on my writing time with Trump politics or anything else. I’m kinda hurt myself away from the negative.

I filled up the entire bit of space that I have here. I can’t upload any more photos . I’ve paid but I’m getting tired of the same old same old and I need to move on and do a different kind of blog.

20 years is a long time with the same name or something like the same name.

I could pay a small price for this but I’m done I’m over all of it I need to start new.

I’ve been blogging under this name for about 20 years now. I’m done.

I need a fresh start that is antipolitical.

2003 to 2022… I have outlasted everyone on Saint blogs parish. Google it google what that is Saint blogs parish.

This name change is a precursor to other social media roads. I have yet to redesign what I’m going to do but let’s just say that I need to go to the heart of the matter and pull it out of my backside or at the end of my nose and come up with something better than what I’ve done.

I could say go there ..,go there now I can’t cause I’m gonna get up early tomorrow and redesign the BLOG that I’ve come to love so much more than anything.

Why am I really doing this? When Alfie our beagle died on May 2, I’m saying because that jiggled it I just need to start fresh and move on and do other things . I need to re-develop my style a little bit more after taking a break from writing and for a solid year and a half.

Well, I turn 59 in about two weeks. It’s hitting me but I’m not gonna let it hit me. I feel like hitting back and quietly I will say that a lot is getting on my nerves.

So sometime this weekend I’m going to pull out what’s left of my old camera and as soon as some of these crazy clients pay us, I’m getting some new media equipment.

Just wish me a happy 59th birthday on this decision I was getting tired of posting the same old stuff.



I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous smart Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married for 24 years. I have been writing professionally since 1978.