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This blog has been going in some form since 2003. I almost didn’t renew this year some thoughts about this. Here’s my real thoughts after moving to our rented condo. do rente condo. IM

I almost didn’t renew here. Every May in June this blog comes up for renewal.

It’s one of those things that since you are not me , you wouldn’t understand.

What’s the big damn deal? Oh, moving and the loss of a pet that I’ve had for almost 12 years and dealing with my husband and my husband dealing with me is taking much of our last month.

Filling up a Uhaul box truck in 100° heat was no picnic either. I almost had pictures of that but you wouldn’t believe me even if I showed them to you.

And I know I’m a little late in telling you all this but at least when I can think straight and after two weeks of 15 hour nights of sleep recovery, it was not easy. Trust me!

And then always comes the question why in the hell do I have this blog?

Because for $22 a year I just decided it was worth it to have this blog. Trust me, it’s an outlet for life and the bumps and the heat. Oh yeah it’s nice to know that I own a domain. Cheapest bullshit $22 can buy anywhere!

And I guess life is life and every turn of events is every turn of events and it says philosophical as moving a room around full of crap that you want but you don’t want.

The next phase of this is honey , we need to get a cart The next phase of this is honey we need to get a car . Because we’ve been without a car for 2 1/2 years. Yes, I wrote that and yes I said that, deal with it. You are behind and I do not pollute the Earth like you.

We are the wonder couple. And when people look at us straight in the eye and say gas is five dollars a gallon we laugh at them because they made a choice to get a car and pay five dollars a gallon. And the only time we ever pay that much money is when we rent cars and have to go somewhere. No, it’s not a regular thing.

OK, we admit it, the credit cards or what she used to run a car and it’s to our advantage to make sure they get paid off somehow.

Working with my husbands legal practice has been very interesting during Covid and post Covid. Honestly, people are all saying to me why don’t you just leave it? Because I run it that’s why. My Legal Husband’s pretty good at computers but I know I’m better. I would love the luxury of having this book done finally. I love the luxury of not having anyone breathing down my neck. And job wise right now they all wanna sit down and pick you apart just so they can feel better… about a year ago I put the dress on and what around town with the masters and did a stage one job search that really was more like a high school grad job search and not the same as a college grad degree person job search which is very different.

Don’t come here to Florida unless you understand that it’s all push back. They speak at a two sides of their mouth. They speak at a two sides of their mouth. They want you to have money but they don’t want you to have money when it involves them. It’s just as bad as the church sometimes they like women but they don’t like women and it needs to be healed.

It’s the same reason why I will not work for a Catholic school unless it’s online. I like to concentrate on the work, not the politics. You get men and women involved in the church there’s too much men and women political garbage. I do not enjoy the back-and-forth and I think both sides just to just keep their mouth shut and focus on the work.

But I’m sorry to say that there are afternoons what I’m kind of tired and sick and tired of hearing the French and extremism go back-and-forth like two bad tennis balls. So what you don’t see is me sitting on the couch asking God Almighty big questions well raising my left hand and twirling it in the air.

In between it all I miss the dog I miss the beagle I miss the the cuddly cuteness. I miss Alfie.

What Scott and I do not miss is not being able to leave the door open when you’re loading stuff from a car or you’re loading stuff for grocery delivery . I like the fact that I can leave food anywhere and it will not be eaten except by me. I like the fact that at this point in my life I don’t hear excess barking or scraping from inside a crate or hair everywhere and having to clean it up.

I like the $20 that I saved at the dollar store for dollar store bleach that does not have to go on the floor because the dog pooed on it. I used to spend about $40 a month because when he got old that’s what he was doing pooping and peeing on a tile floor. I felt like the mop brigade.

Hello, I am not nervous anymore about that fur baby doing embarrassing things.

So now everyone, we’re living in the shadow of a beagle that made us smile. OK, he was cute but in the end he made a mess.

Oh yeah before I forget about a week after we moved from Betty Lane in Clearwater where we used to live, I go on the state website that tells whether someone is wanted by the cops or a while enforcement agency on a warrant, and just for kicks and giggles I put in my former next-door neighbors name. Turns out he was wanted on a serious probation violation. I thought that was weird because he lived in the same place that guy who was selling drugs lived. I was fuming.

I felt like calling the property management company and stating that he was wanted on a warrant for his arrest. I turned his ass in to the agency that he was wanted.

I mean, what are they hiding? I know what we’re hiding: where we are!!

I mean everybody that I know that has any common sense is asking one question: why in the hell did they make you leave while the guy with the warrant and a pass gets to stay?

We paid our rent early and I have the receipts to prove it.

Now the guy who’s renting us our current place I believe knew my late dad. In an order to get in here you have to pay pay pay deep security deposit of $2600 and go through a serious background check. No felonies, they told us! Okayyy!

I’m gonna start taking names because if I find out anybody had anything like that, I’m going to the HOA here. My point? You have to be very very over the top clean here to live here.

I like it because it has the pool. We swim at night when it’s not raining.

And not only that, I’m just glad it’s Friday. And we are almost unpacked, and my big mission this weekend is to try to get the hot water fixed because there’s no hot water here.

Correction 11 AM: I found that the hot water in the shower goes the other way.

Time to be adventurous and live dangerously and fix it myself instead of having to call somebody.

Life goes on without the hassle of a drug dealer next-door.

And now, there are a list of to do things and to do lists and no dog except for the one on the shelf. Might I add, we have Alfies cremation and his container.

Don’t even talk to me about that whole incident. I felt so bad about it . To cure or fix him I would’ve had to spend the rent money and would be homeless and I was not about to do that.

So now, unknown to anyone until now because I’m telling you this I am working in my pajamas unless there is a conference call on zoom.

I think I’m done with trying to get over the move and the loss of a dog, and I think I need just to push on for the money and self-respect and just start celebrating the middle of the summer and the pre-Fourth of July festivities .

I know I read on it on here but my point is this: I’m glad I renewed the blog but it has taken a lot out of me for this move. Add to the fact that I have a small sinus infection and I’m worn out.

We will have another dog probably in a year and a half. Her name? Omega! I wanted unusual name that says this is my absolute last dog I will ever have. I will have pet insurance and not being nervous dog mommy. I never want another boy dog again.

Yada yada yada yada yada!

I think some of you might get this because you haven’t had a dog and that’s life normal for you! You’re used to leaving your door open with no result but I’m not.

I don’t know what else to say except that I need to get going here this morning.

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Oh in the middle of moving and losing my dog I am back to trolling religious comments sites again . Why? Because I just can’t stand them there’s something inside me that thinks many of them are perverted and stuck up and micromanaging as hell.

Here’s the website here’s the story

I smell a rat I wanna smell a rat I say what’s up I like that and I just go ballistic I’m done I make no allowances for assholes , OK. This is what I wrote below they’re gonna probably delete it but I own the rights to this thing for at least the next few months. I can say whatever the hell I want here that should be enough for me.

So I don’t get what you’re trying to say here? So we have knees that are sturdy? Suppose your balance is off for any reason whatsoever? You’re so perfect you have perfect knees with big fibroid calves and big fibroid cat thunder size dick and hold your body up right that makes you holier than thou.
Are some people who are physically unable to Neil and unable to hold her body up on a hard floor dot so you can do that what does that prove to you? That proves you’re you have thunder size and you’re mean and awful and look down on people and you have stink ass pride! Maybe we only take a picture of it and show everybody how prideful you are and how you can kneel correctly! I’m sick of it I live in Florida there’s plenty of people who bow and show a sign of respect and everything . But many are willing to cast everybody off and the only one who believes properly is you. Don’t worry, we have a picture of that will show the US CCB how correct you are and how much you have a stick up your ass. You don’t even respect authority and the bishops dot.
Do not sell me down the river because I do believe but I’m 58 years old and I have bony bony legs and bony bony knees all in one piece but I have a serious balance problem when I kneel I can’t keep my body up that’s the way it is and if you wanna take it up with the bishops God and country go right ahead I’ll take a picture for you and I’ll show you what you’re not . No one is perfect dot oh I also like when people tell me what I believe but they’re not me I think that’s hilarious put it in writing and I’ll find you and I’ll get your name your address and your telephone number and find out where you work and find out your bishop and find out your parish and make sure you get fired at your job. It’s over over over. I had enough of snobs to tell everybody what they believe and they don’t believe and they’re not it?
I’ll put the biggest bet with a bookie in Las Vegas that you don’t even hear God because you have to pray from holy cards and a book and you don’t know how to really listen and hear God’s voice in the first place! Let’s put it this way don’t come to Florida it’s too expensive and you can’t afford us and we’re real down here. Our bishop is also 6 foot seven. Don’t come to Florida unless you wanna lose your job because we’ll find out who you are and you’re snooty attitude and everything else dot. Oh don’t delete this cause I have a copy of it and it’s going in my blog. I’m sick of people who say that we don’t believe but we do you’re just not us. Remember that snotty as snobby and Shorty and bowie. We can throw a kiss to God as we’re driving down the road try to get through traffic but that’s not good enough for you because you’re God and you think you’re better than everybody else.

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My post RIP Alfie blog entry.

Our beagle who was 11 years old died on May 2. And, oh yeah we’re moving.

There is too much going on and that’s why I have not been blogging.

And, there’s no pictures for this entry because you would have to really be here and see it for yourself . I’m too tired to take pictures.

For the first time in 20 years, I thought about not continuing this blog. I’ve had a blog onto this name or some semblance of it since 2003.

I just paid $4.50a gallon for a gallon of gas for a U-Haul because we’re moving. 

We get interviewed by our new apartment on Monday 24th wedding anniversary. We were married May 16, 1998.

I’m just saying it like it all happened. Earlier this month a dog died of seizure disorder it was not pretty to watch.

It has been an eventful month. I thought it was funny that the landlord management company they’re being forced to move also.

What goes around comes around. I know it sounds silly but they’re doing that next week.

Who ever owns the building there and you are a new superhero. I think all the tenants of this property management company that we have to pay are now looking at you like your our new best friend.

From what we know they’re moving from the top floor to the bottom floor the next floor is the parking lot the way out. Silly me, what do you mean they don’t all the building they don’t own it All the money they collect from all of us and they don’t own the building that they rent from??


Meanwhile I keep telling myself an inside chant stay positive, stay positive stay positive.

How did this all start us having to move? people, it’s sheer retaliation because one of the outlets was to the outlets were no longer functioning in a one bedroom unit here in Clearwater.

So one day I got assertive and called and asked they fix it otherwise what am I paying for?

And I got a phone call demanding that the guy come out immediately while we were in our messy stage trying to work. This means I was in between court hearings and didn’t have time to clean. Do you know who those people are? They sit around they pick their noses all day and they play with cleaning products.

So now we are moving.

And so now we are packing all weekend. My goal is to be totally out of here before June 1.

If and when I stay up all night I could probably accomplish that.

Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, in the middle of all this I miss Alfie the Beagle. At least he’s not suffering anymore.