We are reading Merton for Advent at my parish!


Happy Advent 2017 from from pilgrimage to Our Lady Queen of the Universe Basilica Shrine in Orlando, Florida USA Disney area! Florida’s shrine.

This is our first trip to Florida’s shrine in three years!  We meet our marriage group when we go. 

We are thanking God for blessings that we get to stay in our house. The buyer and closing got cancelled .  It worked out. 

I hope but I’ll talk later after it is over. But I owe now.. But later.  

I want to enjoy this. First road trip in a long time . It’s been too long! 

Wake me up when this house nightmare is over… Here’s why! 

I’m gonna hang in there , but it has been a long long four long years. 

I’ll be blatant about it.  Money talks … 

We have no mortgage,  but judge all you want all these repairs have been a hassle.  It’s too much of a hassle. Our house is a tax money pit. 

We have a contract and are supposed to close Monday, Dec. 4.