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The dog crate is finally put together! Hopefully, no more hassle when we try to go somewhere! See a picture of how nice it is! #AlfieTheBeagle #DogCrate

Oh I thought I broke the other one you got a new one for me? I thought I would get you to stay here forever so you can’t go anywhere else ha ha Ha
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Please read this blog entry people. This blog entry tells about my crazy Sunday yesterday that went so fast I didn’t have time for pictures…. It’s about the trouble that our dog Alfie the beagle caused…. We didn’t go to Mass church because of him. #Majorcratejailbreak

I’m sorry folks there’s no pictures to this it got really crazy yesterday on Sunday.

Here’s a picture of the dog at the closed all the’s Monday now but after yesterday‘s fiasco, I have nothing to say.

I think it’s funny he can’t even look me in the eye this morning. This is our dog Alfie the beagle who did some pretty rotten stuff yesterday and kept us from going to Mass . He has serious anxiety separation issues when we leave the house& it’s really bad. I think it’s funny he can’t even look me in the eye this morning.

I put the crate at the curb the old crate went to the curb because it’s well, nine years old and the latch on the door caused him. to make a run for it & a jailbreak. It’s well nine years old and the rusted latch on the door caused alfie to make a run for it & a indoor jailbreak.

It all started as a normal Sunday yesterday. Fact, I was ahead by about an hour and a half that is until the crate set me back about all the hour and a half that I’d gained.

Oh yeah, We we’re both was dressed and ready to go & I even put the dog in his crate early. Disclaimer, we create a dog who has extreme separation anxiety issues…And don’t give me any crap about oh you should get a trainer.because you don’t have the dog and you don’t deal with it the way we should deal with it after the vet told us to deal with it in the way we should deal with it.

We crate our dog when we leave the house because he will freak out that we’re not there and chew everything including the door knob. Don’t even talk don’t even think anything after that. You yahoos have no idea what we came home to one time. It’s you all that needs a reality check. We’ve had this dog 10 years. What have you had?

So, we crate our dog or we tried to do so.

That is, until the metal latch on the crate door that was rusted kept us from leaving because the dog got out.

We looked at each other and just said oh come on just this once.

So we’re all dressed& we grab the keys we blocked the dog from the door and make a run for it and lock the door. We were going to church on Sunday morning with an Uber ride.

Uber ride?Yeah, we are saving for a new car so we don’t have an old car with problems . We are sick of that. We’re not gonna get taken advantage of anymore we had the last episode a while back ago and we’re not gonna do it anymore. But this is a sidenote that we’re not gonna give an explanation for.

So, we’re standing in the driveway and my husband is totally freaking out because the last thing he sees in the sliding glass door is the dog chewing on the sliding glass door inside our apartment. I mean the dog was chewing on the middle door inside our apartment staring at us growling pissed off as we’re walking out the door. We had to cancel the Uber ride and that cost us five dollars.

So much for scrupulosity so we just decided let’s just cancel mass today it’s just not worth getting our asses kicked out of the apartment because he’s wrecked some thing expensive l like that. Yes, our last apartment that we lived in we got kicked out because or they didn’t renew the lease because he was a little holy terror. My husband just looks at me & he says “I don’t want to move again .”

So we grabbed our keys and went back in the door and the dog is wagging his tail because well he loves us and he knows he didn’t have to get in trouble and shoe things because he freaks out when we leave.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking you little schmuck. I am the human it’s going to have to go to confession because I miss Mass and you kept me from going to church and you lose your crap because Weeee can’t leave because you have psycho beagle issues.

Twenty minutes later we’re sitting there and saying we got to do something about this so off I go on the phone looking for a crate to buy because we don’t wanna be stuck somewhere and not able to leave because our 10 year old beagle dog loses it when we leave.

I knew I couldn’t do it I just couldn’t do it but since I pay for Walmart delivery every month I said why not.

So, after looking everywhere I got another Uber ride to the local Clearwater Walmart because the crate was only $89 compared to Amazons $ 150. I am no fool and I know what the deal Is.

I sucked it up, mask on grabbed every piece of sanitizer that I had and went in.

No amount of prayer could prepare me for having to go to Walmart. Disclaimer: I don’t go to Walmart it’s all part of being a lawyer‘s wife. OK, it saves me money but it’s just something that’s not part of my daily life. I live in Florida & I shop at Aldie and Target Lowes & Publix.

I’m not a junk buyer but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and save money on an extreme necessary thing that she needs an order to function.

So I get to the section where the new $89 crate is and there’s no one to help me pull it off the shelving.

So, I managed what are the employees name Mike he was very helpful. Wow , this is crazy here with these people here.

I’m not a snob I just don’t do Walmart because of the publication pictures the “people of Walmart. “

So I used my muscles put the crate inside the wagon and then went on to get some toilet paper and other necessary household items. Why not? I’m here.

Yeah, why not, I’m here!

So, I called the Uber ride, grabbed my iPhone with the axillary battery attached to it, and off I went.

When I grabbed the wagon at the entry point there was no sanitizing anything.

And yes, I confess to the lady that I don’t do this that often. She gave me “the look.” And inside I’m thinking “ tell me why I have to be here?!”

I finally found everything, got an Uber home, and rolled up the driveway to where we live.

I don’t have a picture of this either because even if I was quick and able to do so my naughty beagle dog-dog would’ve been out the window. It’s November in Florida and you open the windows finally after having the air-conditioning on since April of the year that you’re in .

My dog got on the bed near the window, stuck his nose outside, and had his paws on the edge of the window ready to jump out the window as I rolled up

If you know our beagle, you will know that if he had jumped I would’ve been chasing him for at least six hours. Yes, chasing him for six hours with A leash and the food and attempting not to pop along from hyperventilating as I did . .

Yeah, I could’ve had a picture of that but I would’ve been seriously in pain this morning after having run 3 miles to catch him if he heads up that the window.

My precious husband had forgotten to shut the door to her bedroom. Alfie got on the bed and leaned almost out the window as I rolled up the driveway.

I can’t make this up!

I also was a no mood or position to take pictures so you don’t have a picture of this you in your mind you have a picture of this and I think that’s better.

Skip the picture it was real. I didn’t have time to take a picture.

I closed the window halfway at least he couldn’t jump out.

Grand save! No dog chase needed.

So I rolled and slid the crate inside the house which is still not put together yet because I actually did have a Sunday . And here I am on Monday!

By all means, I should’ve put it together last night but I was so tired and exasperated after that jailbreak fiasco it was something that really made me tired so my husband ordered Russos last night. It’s a local Italian restaurant joint.I told him I didn’t want to cook. Unless he was going to cook I was done for the day.

The majority of the time my dog sleeps most of the day & he’s getting older he’s going to be 11 in about a month so I think what I’m trying to say here is that I decided to just enjoy his little antics because he’s not gonna be with us forever.

That was my position at 7 o’clock this morning until I walked out with my coffee and saw that he puked all over the couch.

Here I am washing the covers of the couch my dog is not happy about this because he likes to lay on the couch . He puked on the couch this morning. Fun fun fun

Nevertheless, I forgot to put the dog cover on the couch so it’s it is what it is.

I think will try to get it under control today I’ve got to go to work . I have a lot to do today to help my husband’s legal practice.

Why am I not teaching? Why am I not writing ? Let’s just get over this Covid nightmare for the next six months and we’ll take it from there. Being we don’t have a car right now two of us could work together and make more money from the legal practice and stay home working then me wasting gas or expensive Uber rides out there.

Strange as it sounds I would miss this right now where we are at.

A sidenote, when I went to Walmart I went to the Christmas section and it was neat so I was air budgeting myself and how much I would be decorating our small one bedroom apartment here for Christmas.

I have my way, I wanna decorate this joint so you can see it from space. But reality check, we’re going to make it look very pretty…And I also want to say I made decorate my dogs new crate for Christmas.

Snoopy would approve! Yeah yeah yeah I know Snoopy doesn’t have issues.

What next?

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Another update November 2021= my Florida fall winter patio veggie garden

My chili peppers are starting to sprout
I decided to go organic it’s not political it’s just

The tall plant is my basil plant a.k.a. my pizza plant, and cilantro and various other stuff do a close-up to find out what it is == equal surprise!
My attempt at growing onions could be better thatI’m holding my breath though
Red bell peppers by New Year’s! Or maybe even Valentine’s Day would be goodRed bell peppers by New Year’s! Or maybe even Valentine’s Day would be good
Cabbage plants! I’m a gambling at this one. I’m going to have to get deeper pots and move them but it’s a start
Another picture of my basil plant
This is my attempt purple eggplant! Eggplant Parmesan by Valentine’s Day 2022
Dream the impossible dream and grow carrots! I have a large pot and they’re sprouting from seeds
I’m very proud of this one my red Russian kale salad with steak and egg plant Parmesan by Valentine’s Day or even Easter!
Another picture of my organically grown red Russian kaleAnother picture of my organically grown red Russian kale
Tomato plant kicks it down the street and dances because it’s my first crack ever since I was four years old
I did this with four bags of this and various pots from the garden center at Lowe’s in Clearwater Florida!

I intend on growing more stuff but let’s start with this stuff because it said that this stuff grows in our region at this time of the year. Now before you say how in the hell are you doing this and fall or winter? remember our weather is not your up north east or Midwest weather.growing season is entirely different than where you live because there’s no snow but there is frost so I may have to bring some of the stuff in or get a greenhouse in January or February. I may have to get a tarp and bring them in the kitchen during the night of frost or when thee is a Freeze warning in a couple months