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‘House of Trump is crumbling’: why ex-president’s legal net is tightening | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Some Trumpland observers are convinced that he is in serious legal trouble as New York’s AG investigation of Trump Organizations’s finances intensifies
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That last post on abortion and pro choice and pro life was not enough. Let me just say I’m warning you all if you get within 100 feet of me I’m going to ask what you do for a living. You talk to me about any of this with disdain or judgment, your boss is gonna be called that you were bothering someone about your personal worldview in public. It’s not gonna go well for you naive sicko. #Don’tMakeExcusesForJanuary62021

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Pro-lifers and pro-choicers we need to have a little chat right now. I am no longer a shadow supporter of the Republican parties or the Democrats parties because they lie about life and abortion.

People I’m gonna tell you this right now they’re all up in Washington DC demonstrating.

I was there in 1985 and I can tell you this right now. It was the biggest scam ever witnessed in my entire life.

It was the biggest balloon bubble I ever witnessed in my entire life . We stood there before this big stage and it was like nobody was doing anything everybody was just saying things to say something. There was a lot of hot air was going in the air which was cold .

I listen to the most insincere bullshit I ever listened to in my entire freaking life.

I was walking with Franciscan and it got to the point where we passed the pro-choicers there were some of them and it was just like a violent outcries from Franciscan students back in the 80s about what the sluts can do with their little backsides.

Then I got to the Senate building and none of the senators were in and they checked out I’m talking both sides of the issue. This means the senators left early because they knew the March was there and I didn’t give a shit either so maybe they had the right way to do things. thatThis means the senators left early because they knew the March was there .

I had enough of both sides scamming voters about this issue that if they left it alone, I know it wouldn’t be an issue and it would take care of itself.

I am really really really really really really furious at the Trump crowd. The truth is this: they’re bunch of naïve psycho weirdos that need to go to jail for the rest of their lives.

I know they say they’re peaceful but they’re not I’m sure in the morning when they go on their Saturday little walk nothing is going to happen . No really now, there’s gonna be a lot more hot air going on and nothing is going to happen they’ve been doing this for 40 damn years and no one wants to listen to them.

I have a new manifesto and you need to see this people.

I’m going to mind my own business not going to anymore pro-life bullshit.

I have a new policy if you have something to say to me about this whole effing issue and I mean both sides of it—- you put it in writing. You stay within 500 feet away from me and do not approach me for any bullshit of this nature for this topic.

Now, I will put at least $1000 wager on this.

You all politically prostitute yourself to anybody who gives you what you think you wanna hear . A case in point, the Trump people said anything because they like prostituting themselves to get politically horny whenever you hear the word pro life or pro choice .

Reminder: they did nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing. The truth? Trump was out buying votes to all the evangelicals and Catholics . He saw you as a means to an end . You were valuable to get his power. He didn’t give a shit about you or anybody else just himself. Your vote was disposable you little white naïve dumb little slutty shits.

These jackass people there. I mean the jacked up greedy leaders can be bought for any price what so ever . And their pointy fingers make war and not peace with their voices of accusation to each other and anybody they can point to make them look good and others look bad. Neither side cares about God because what’s going on is they’ll care about their own getting Praise from each other.

Yeah, this is my new manifesto . Hey hey folks take a look at each other when you start bashing each other‘s heads and head for the capital again make sure the baseball bats fit your heads.

Both sides of this have sticks up their asses and don’t wanna help anyone.

Far as I’m concerned, both sides are just the seditious side or both sides.

I don’t even think about saying any bullshit about me to my back or to my face. Make sure I have your name your address and your phone number attached to it because I’m gonna start pulling some real monkey shit in the near future. I have the right not to be bothered by either either either side.

As for the record: I am on neither side.

This is probably the hardest entry into this blOG that I’ve ever had.

Right set up go ahead say false things about me all you want. You don’t know me ever nor will you.

I am married to a Florida attorney I would love to take action and make you pay . It’s gonna get expensive folks because when I give you a verbal warning or a written warning to shut up and move away and you’re trespassing in my space. It is , it’s gonna be worse than getting an indictment from the justice department.

Do not say I am either side because I’m not I don’t give an F. Make sure you go to the sporting good store both sides get your political baseball bats. For most of you that’s all you’re good for.

I think the evidence is extremely ultra ultra clear: you all sent the oath keepers to the capital to beat the living shit out of every single member of Congress !

Both sides are guilty for letting this happen & it’s like to me as a citizen of the United States, the unforgivable sin.

I have been accused by both sides of some pretty nasty things.

Here’s what’s happened so far.

1. See this website? Here’s the link:

I used to have a YouTube channel that was fledgling and starting. I did post something that I always want to know . Here it is below.

OK, go to Domenico Bettinelli.

Then there’s Danielle Bean who’s openly said she had an abortion as well. No she’s a writer for Ascension press and she advertises it.

He has banned me on his Twitter page because I challenged him he called me pro abort. You damn well know that’s not true. Yes six kids and I guess his winky is his salvation. But he’s unable to have more children so in the Catholic Church in his warped brain. He’s pushing 40 or over 40 and kid have as many children as he used to have or his wife is getting up there and I guess our salvation is in question now because I can’t pump out the babies like they used to.

Oh, what did I do what he started blah blah social media accusing me of being pro abort? At the time, he was working for the archdiocese of Boston in a radio show . I picked up the phone and made a phone call repeating his words to me on o. Social Media. Fat boy doesn’t work there anymore.

There’s more .

I just got tired of the bullshit.

You do it again you say anything to me on social media whatsoever I’m gonna call your local sheriff or your cops or your courts and get an injunction against you.

I don’t give a shit about either side you are responsible for Trump being elected ..

Don’t go near me don’t say a damn thing to me about this because my husband and I’ve been married 23 years and we have tried to have children at least 12 of those years.

I am not going to adopt. I can still vote and ask I can still pass a good background check. I am not a convicted felon like some of them accusing meI am not a convicted felon like some of them accusing me.

Attention all personnel go ahead make it illegal go ahead keep it , I don’t care .

Don’t even show your face to me don’t do anything like that because you put people in front of me who admit openly in an open retreat as a speakers:I killed my baby in a singsong voice . When abortion is illegal I will find her and report her murderer go for it I’m gonna go for it she’s going to jail.

Here’s the problem , they didn’t think this out. They never do.

OK you make this illegal it’s gonna be like prohibition. What’s the damn statue a limitation on another dippy blonde slut retreat speaker sing sing sing dippy “, I killed my baby. “

How many whodunit investigations can you have? What gonna be the statue limitations on the next I killed my baby?

I’m so tired of the political prostitutes on both sides of this issue get two baseball bats get in the middle of a ring and beat the shit out of each other because I’ve had enough of it OK I’ve had enough of them accusing me of things I didn’t do I’ve had enough of them grandstanding to get approval by other fat people with seven kids they can’t afford .

They don’t get it and I am talking about both sides of the issue: pro-choice and pro-life.

Besides need to go to jail immediately for neglecting the hood through political prostitution of this issue to anybody who says I’ll save you i’ll do what you want and then throws them off a cliff.

I don’t give a shit what happens .

They’re not gonna excommunicate me because I don’t give a shit , I’m not either side

Go for it put it in writing and I’ll make do what I need to say I’m gonna do.

Here’s my evidence as last point I went to the women’s march just years before Covid hit.

Oh actually was that bold and brazen to go up to Planned Parenthood and I looked at them straight in the eye with the Director and I said can I talk to you for a second?

I looked at her and I said let’s just get this straight: I am not for either side. The pro-lifers prostitute themselves and we get a very bad politician that doesn’t do what the people need.

The Democrats do OK on most social issues sometimes . But then the people who are so pro-choice absolute dark face sluts when it comes to putting their cuts on top of things they shouldn’t and then producing babies that they shouldn’t produce because they are what they are: sluts.

In wheels the non-ravishing dowdy 50s mamas who think that everything should be in a box and everything should just go according to plan perfection and be married to an insurance salesman so they can reproduce the 1950s all over again.

Turns out that now Christianity when it comes to this topic has turned into the cult of the babies dying on the cross and saving your naive soul.

I’m sorry and I’m happy to say that there is no stinking rat resurrection when it comes to justice and people repeating what about the babies babies babies worried about the babies babies bum bum bum.

The same uppity Shmup party people will not even go near the neighborhoods where they’re shooting people and drive by shootings… they won’t give food out to these people or put an industry in the neighborhoods because it seems that that’s too much trouble and that takes too much work when you’re lazy and don’t wanna give any of these people a wake up call .

There’s a long long list of their sins besides baby shit like this. Most of them on rental properties where they check the rat on these people and force them to have an abortion.

And I’m sad to say that the Tampa Bay area has become the number one hot market on raising the rent. How so? Our rent has gone up $400 in less than a year.

Now I guarantee $5000 wager that if I went up to the so-called pro-lifers I will get the patronizing look, the cheesy over the bottom lip smile, and the Lisbie raspy voice that says Jesus will take care of you you you you . you.

I have a challenge for everybody out there who doesn’t give a shit like me.

Get your cell phones out cause it’s gonna be a doozy.

Take a video of your conversation with the so-called pro-lifers . Call them out I’m not taking care of social needs of people and film the conversation with your cell phone.

Call out the prostituting leaders who literally had slutty sex with the political Big fat obvious lying political leaders by saying they’re going to do something about this whole issue by not doing anything about the social issues that might cause this issue.

You have to be smart to read that last paragraph . You have to be smart and literate and not be a redneck and not be naïve to understand what I just said.

It’s mafia time to use the phone like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re a Trump supporter and I even think that you were there last year time to get indicted for being seditious.

And I know I’m not alone we’re taking issue with all the lying politicians I’ve heard enough. Stay away from me you Trump supporters cause I’m gonna call the FBI on you like your mama is calling you to dinner when she’s pissed.

Game over. I don’t care to have reached menopause. I don’t give a shit. This sweaty men and women need to duke it out.

Game over. Go ask Trump why he never got rid of abortion and you’ll hear all kinds of bullshit which is why I don’t give a shit.