Here are my real thoughts on this past weekend’s #CatholicConvo. I did it like a real Floridan while others escaped the heat….


go to 1:07;20  and then read below ……………….


It was the weekend of the Good,  the Bad and the Ugly. 

It was also the weekend I reformatted my writing book  to some 300 plus pages. I also mowed the lawn and cleaned the house and did errands. And I did wash. 

(Other than dealing with household stuff like the pool vac guy showing up and giving us excuses as to just why his pool vac bag broke inside the pool and we threw him out of our backyard because he at Chlorine king was late. Yeah.  late.  Do not use. )

First stay positive.  We can talk about the good.  I have had a few days to think about all this.   I am no heathen but I did get something out of it.  

And before you non Catholics say anything,  you have the same access that I do to the same materials.  You can look up and get proof as I did.  But then again,  I was raised in all of this and just chose to aggravate the ** out of them.  

In other words,  being creative they are the ones who must get used to me.  They got me in as a kid and I am staying and well, too bad if you don’t like me.  The problem is when these no religion people have left and chickened out of making them like you also.  If you had stayed,  you could have made a difference and put your foot down and really did something.  What are they really going to do to you? 

I was impressed with how our bishops in the USA were working with the people to get the leaders motivated to take action and make things relevant.  Maybe they were too motivated in another way.  Read the bottom here how I hate the selfies and all their relevancy to themselves. Not good.  I’ll get to that. 

But I got a lot  out  of the video that I watched above.  While as a general whole,  I do not like EWTN just start the vid at where I said to start it.  

Here’s what I got out of it that was good: 

  1. I liked how the laypeople got the run of it all for the most part.  I liked the last day  where there were practical lay people stating stuff like team building and how God is working in their lives.   That was real.  
  2. I liked how the bishops kind of almost stood back and played nice. They acted like ‘nice Dads’ and let the spiritual kids have the run of  place.  Not bad.  They didn’t act scary.  
  3. I liked Cardinal O’Malley’s adoration on the first or second night.  That was calming. I loved his talk on mercy and how God loves us.  Why? You cannot give what you do not have.  
  4. Being that this was a working quasi retreat,  I have still yet to catch Cardinal Wuerl’s talk on Sacraments.  I will do so.  
  5. I had to laugh at how they went on a Eucharistic procession to a hotel.  AND THEY SWEATED.  GASP.   
  6. Even Philadelphia’s Archbishop Chaput  didn’t say Trump.  He needs a beer for that.   I was running to the kitchen for a bag to hyperventilate into… there.  N Maybe I will have one for you… after a long day.   Maybe the heat did it to him. I have my hypothesis you have yours. 
  7. I  got a lot out of most of what I listened to on the television. 


  1. Selfies… do any of you all know these people who work for church companies? 
  2. I know you don’t, so why are they not working but taking selfies?  It makes no freaking sense?
  4. There was nothing on Twitter to show just what or why they were there.  There was nothing no links to show why they were in ministry in the first place.  There was  a lot of back slapping and high fiving.
  5. There was no outreach in the city.  There was no practical go out there in teams and doing it like Jesus did when he sent the 72 and commissioned them . It would have been nice to see them out there on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando or on I-92.  But we can’t sweat now , can’t we?   That was the ugly stuffy part.  There is so much poverty in that area of  Florida.
  6. The retreat circuit could be  diminished if people would do their own.  All these people want to do is travel the country and take money from parishes that can not afford them.   Funny,  I always see them listed in Illinois and Indiana.  Those people must have money they don’t need to be spending because I have viewed pics of these small towns that have much to loose.
  7. The on and on and on from Johnette Benkovic could have been shorter.  Ok, no Raymond Arroyo whining.. I have given them that.  But it was vacation season and she was handy?  I know that’s what happened – my hypothesis.

One last funny:  I found it hilarious that most of them sweated like I did all weekend.  I am still laughing that they had the same type of thunderstorms we did.

One last thing also:  if they can stop selfie’ing with cell phones and get out there and stop preaching to the choir and to themselves,  they will be more effective in every way.

And I seriously came away from the Television and computer asking myself why is it that these super Catholic retreat hugger selfie taking’s  can’t just be themselves and stop being polite and just get out there in every way like a Dorothy Day type.

Again,  why can’t they just be themselves?  If they are changed,  then it will show.  

Again,  if they are comfortable with themselves and with what is going on with them,  then people will want something  with what they have or what is going on.

Thanks bishops.

Got that?







You live in the TPa/St Pete area next door, so why not be at the #catholicConvo? My answer here.#glad #joy

FIRST THERE’S THE THEME MUSIC….. LISTEN.    It sets the tone and tells bout my mood bout this whole thing….      





Hello. I am here.   I am saying hello to all those at the Orlando #CatholicConvo. 

Sorry,  but I am not there.  I am not there.  I felt bad about it at first.  

Not anymore.  I am choosing to wave at our local dio staff and I wish them well.  I am not mad at anyone.  It is more than likely better than I am home cutting the lawn and getting crap done.  

Tell the St Pete delegation I have more done on my honey do list than they do. 

Sorry.  I am over here at the other end of Interstate 4.  That’s the road you came in on from the Airport.  I am on the Gulf Coast side.   

Who am I?  

I am a regular Joe-ette Catholic with a lot of  Journalism experience from the 80s and 90s and 00s.   I went into Education back in the 90sto pay for my student loans.  I didn’t want to leave Florida. 

I even asked the media to let me help.  That was back in April and May.  But I have been out of media circulation for a while getting a Master’s degree and doing other things.   That’s is my guess in all this.  

Take a look around there outside .  Take off that heavy coat.  Now,  go outside and sweat I trust you will find out that it is more involved here than you think.  

Don’t ignore that part of the game here.  Living in Florida can have its whatever but the heat is part of it.  Here’s the truth.  I am  going to tell it.  I wanted to go the #CatholicConvo.  

Ok,  I can hear you say.  So?  Why  in the hell aren’t you here?  Because I sweat everyday.  

Truth is this:  yeah,  I wanted to go.  But I live here and hanging out with you Catholic tourists would have been maybe a bother?  

It I the holiday weekend for crying out loud.  I am spending my Orlando money on fireworks  and barbeque. 

Thanks uhhh (*more truth) Cozin  Bish……  Yeah I wrote that.  My adopted late Contractor  and Space Engineer Dad Jerry told me he’s my cousin years ago.   But I am the short one in the family.   I wear a size 9.5 shoe though.  And Dad didn’t lie.   Yeah I  am big guy’s cousin.  We have a big family with ties to northwest Ireland.   

See the family smile?   Ok,  I am the cousin of the tallest bishop in the USA.  


I am one of those people that well,  I wanted to meet some of you.  Maybe I would have started trouble.  Or maybe I wouldn’t have.  ….Uh,  joking.  

Those  who think they know me online or have met me online could pop a serious wager that I would have done so. I might have started trouble.  Maybe I would have started in yesterday or the day before that and then some.   

I would have bought a round or two.  But now that money is going toward our own barbeque.  

But they already started trouble by saying women need equal pay.  Saved me the trip.   And hug that guy who said it.  And how do I get in touch with that guy to buy him a beer over here on the Gulf Coast?  

I am glad I got to stay home and not have to wander around between rain and sucking up to people I don’t know.  It would have meant catching buses and fighting crowds and standing in line at the ladies room. It would have been nice to have met you but I say “thanks guys over at the diocese office and all.”  Thanks to the media who didn’t answer their phones or emails that I sent them.  

You holy people in training did me a favor.  

I can have my backyard that is mine and eat my barbeque.  And I can swim in my pool after the pool vac guy comes tomorrow afternoon.  There’s more money for chlorine and more inner tubes.  

You are there and have to work this weekend.  I do not have to work this long holiday weekend.  

I am going to lunch in about an hour or so.  

Pool check.  Chlorine.  check.  I have written 344 pages of a book I have been working on =check.    

Recording EWTN check.  Praying with hubs the “best I can” = check.  One rosary down and done for == check .  

I am thankful that I get to enjoy my nice weekend..  Below   IS MY backyard pool.  

Have fun.