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“Here’s life on Mars”, by David Bowie. Why? Because this was playing when before I went ‘up there’and that’s the truth. Someday I’ll tell more but not now. Listen to the words or see the words on Apple Music music it’s my theme song it’s the way it that’s the way it rolls. It’s surreal for my life . You’d never believe it ….

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Clarification regarding my last post.I need to be clear here about our little trip this past weekend.

I need to be clear here. We rented a car. Took the dog with us because we didn’t want to board him that was too expensive and he would have trauma & he is older and he would miss us.

I can hear my readers saying what or why in the hell did you do this last weekend? Why did you both just drive around Florida and not really stop anywhere?

I’m going to have to remind you there was a pandemic and social distancing is our policy. We are not getting near anyone & we can keep on driving. besides, there’s a lot to say around the state. And had a short time and we’ve been cooped up for 2 1/2 months and really wanted to get out. My husband was really climbing the walls because he is restricted to not use his right foot and could not drive. Doctor ordered him not to use it and stay off of it. It’s healing which is why he’s been chilling. It is healing but very slowly.

I ended up doing all the driving which was even more fun!

People, as long as I’ve been married and even dating my husband we took road trips and really didn’t stop anywhere we just wanted to see things that’s our style. We kept quarantine for over two weeks during the pandemic. Scott my husband is kind of under another type of quarantine, meaning his foot has a diabetic foot wound and he’s on the knee scooter so he was really climbing the walls. And he has somebody coming in to change his bandage and take a look at his foot wound on a regular basis.

We only stopped for gas and the drive through. I just drove by places just to check on what’s going on. We stopped couple times in a parking lot and so the road to see the beach.We only stopped for gas . I just drove by places just to check on what’s going on. We stopped couple times in a parking lot and so the road to see the beach.

From Clearwater, there’s only so many places you could drive to. The limit is about six hours one way and six hours the other way. And, if you stay overnight you’ve got a little bit more leeway and what you can see. Take a look on a recent map. Logically, it’s 4 1/2 hours five hours to the state line from Clearwater. Tallahassee is about six hours. Miami is five hours. Keys trip is a whole 7 1/2 hours just to Key Largo alone. To drive to the Keys after work, you have to use an all-night thing. Best kept secret is that I did that once with friends.I was tired afterwards. I didn’t get to Key West , we only got to the mid keys and we left about 7 o’clock after work on a Friday night. Face it people Fla is a long state.

And here’s a short short short video of one episode of when we stopped. Location? Flagler Beach Avenue on a side overlook! I had traffic coming behind me so I had to make this quick!

Here above I stopped for a little bit at Flagler Beach.

They are not the best for their prayer they are the worst! Samuel Clemens a.k.a. Mark Twain has but a lot to say about people like that.

Sometimes you have to have somebody put it best like that.