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Oh in the middle of moving and losing my dog I am back to trolling religious comments sites again . Why? Because I just can’t stand them there’s something inside me that thinks many of them are perverted and stuck up and micromanaging as hell.

Here’s the website here’s the story

I smell a rat I wanna smell a rat I say what’s up I like that and I just go ballistic I’m done I make no allowances for assholes , OK. This is what I wrote below they’re gonna probably delete it but I own the rights to this thing for at least the next few months. I can say whatever the hell I want here that should be enough for me.

So I don’t get what you’re trying to say here? So we have knees that are sturdy? Suppose your balance is off for any reason whatsoever? You’re so perfect you have perfect knees with big fibroid calves and big fibroid cat thunder size dick and hold your body up right that makes you holier than thou.
Are some people who are physically unable to Neil and unable to hold her body up on a hard floor dot so you can do that what does that prove to you? That proves you’re you have thunder size and you’re mean and awful and look down on people and you have stink ass pride! Maybe we only take a picture of it and show everybody how prideful you are and how you can kneel correctly! I’m sick of it I live in Florida there’s plenty of people who bow and show a sign of respect and everything . But many are willing to cast everybody off and the only one who believes properly is you. Don’t worry, we have a picture of that will show the US CCB how correct you are and how much you have a stick up your ass. You don’t even respect authority and the bishops dot.
Do not sell me down the river because I do believe but I’m 58 years old and I have bony bony legs and bony bony knees all in one piece but I have a serious balance problem when I kneel I can’t keep my body up that’s the way it is and if you wanna take it up with the bishops God and country go right ahead I’ll take a picture for you and I’ll show you what you’re not . No one is perfect dot oh I also like when people tell me what I believe but they’re not me I think that’s hilarious put it in writing and I’ll find you and I’ll get your name your address and your telephone number and find out where you work and find out your bishop and find out your parish and make sure you get fired at your job. It’s over over over. I had enough of snobs to tell everybody what they believe and they don’t believe and they’re not it?
I’ll put the biggest bet with a bookie in Las Vegas that you don’t even hear God because you have to pray from holy cards and a book and you don’t know how to really listen and hear God’s voice in the first place! Let’s put it this way don’t come to Florida it’s too expensive and you can’t afford us and we’re real down here. Our bishop is also 6 foot seven. Don’t come to Florida unless you wanna lose your job because we’ll find out who you are and you’re snooty attitude and everything else dot. Oh don’t delete this cause I have a copy of it and it’s going in my blog. I’m sick of people who say that we don’t believe but we do you’re just not us. Remember that snotty as snobby and Shorty and bowie. We can throw a kiss to God as we’re driving down the road try to get through traffic but that’s not good enough for you because you’re God and you think you’re better than everybody else.

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3 top reasons for record job quits: Bad pay, bad opportunities, bad bosses – CBS News

“I don’t think the war on talent can be won by pay alone,” says one economist.
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My first week of lent? Planning on aSaturday morning early deep clean, to be ahead of everyone when I clean . Then there’s the 200 legal item marketing list before I call everyone . This and Clearwater Saint Petersburg airport Rent-A-Car drama from last week. Rental cars are for tourists and not for native people here. #Hustle #NotFunny #Awful

I could post all that I have to do here. If I posted the 200 item marketing list it won’t be confidential anymore. That’s not gonna happen.

So I can post the cleaning items . How about instead of that I posted what I cleaned?! That will be Sunday’s posting.

. Yeah, I’ll post the cleaning items for fun. What’s so bad and big about this? Well, we have a one bedroom apartment near downtown Clearwater that doubles as our legal office because it’s connected to the Internet in every way . The big problem is in our bedroom is that you cannot use the closet because that’s the only closet there is . We pay $ 1200 a month for a galley kitchen that’s open concept with extremely small living room you open the door there’s a small table in the corner next to the table is a homemade cubicle where I operate everything .

I must be doing very well because the rent gets paid every month three weeks and a half early. Most people don’t understand that when we bill people on a flat rate for a total cost of 3000 per case which is supposed to also cover expenses and labor, most people can’t afford it because they have to make payments and we will try to help them by allowing these payments, and keeping the drama a family law to a minimum.

Now did I name any names? No, but that’s how we operate and we’re actually paying the rent by doing this.

Lately, I’m not even looking at the spiritual I’m looking at the outside and how things operate around here… it’s gotten so weird.

I know it could run it more efficient . I bought a glue gun so I can make labels and stick them on a red bookcase that I use for a file cabinet. People can laugh all they want to but I’d like to see them do a better job! Honestly, it takes me half the time to file something contrast to everybody else’s where they file some thing.

I need to take a chill pill but if everything just runs smoothly and we know where things are and it’s labeled and things go in where it’s labeled that’s no problem.

I know there’s people in Florida and the Florida diocese is that would tell me what with that masters degree you should be teaching at a Catholic school. That’s what they say so they can think they feel so much superior to me…

I know there’s a commandment there shall not bear false witness a.k.a. that not to tell a lie! There’s no way in hell I’d ever wanna teach in another Catholic school ever again. I will write for a Catholic newspaper but only if I could do so at home and not see anybody and just go and go out not have to see anybody just tell/ write the story and keep your crazy politics away from me. If I thought there was backbiting in a public county wide school, forget it. They don’t pay enough. They don’t pay as much and most of them don’t have a standard curriculum. And most of them in a Catholic school and a lot of places have too many what I call questionable rejects people from the public schools that the public schools didn’t want. There, I said it.

Personally, I would rather teach college in a remote setting via the Internet. I would give a Catholic college a thought but only if women are really seriously promoted in that institution. There’s too much patriarchal stuff going on in the church that I just can’t deal with ! Don’t even get me started on what I have a problem with people in church if there’s just a problem with too much nitpicking over this is right or this is wrong. And my hypothesis is that Trump started all of this or made it worse. Readers, these are the people that don’t know how to google or look things up. Acting stupid is encouraged among the women.

People outside the church circle, I go because I have a personal faith . Well well I have faith that’s mine nobody else tells me about the faith. My personal standards during lent in the last couple years or three or four years has been this: I am in, I’m out I wave I leave. You get near me, I walk the other way and don’t you dare talk to me about politics. I seriously prefer to speak Spanish with a Mexican at my church than speak to a Native American who can vote . I did that last weekend . I traded recipes with a Mexican lady that I gave her an Irish recipe she gave me a way to make tacos. There’s a high population of Mexican people at my church.

What I’m trying to say here is that I think a lot of this politics has played on a lot of peoples insecurities whether dudes are doing something right or wrong… I don’t want any part of it. And I think the Trump camp has infiltrated the Catholics way too much .

I would rather get up seriously early clean my house take pictures of it and use it as a Lenten weapon of “mass destruction you don’t have it right and this is how lent is going I got up before you, leave me alone”.

Here’s a picture of it , blink a couple times swallow, The picture , get out of my face is my attitude and I’m being honest about it.

People, we do not have a lot of stuff. I have exactly 123456 rooms in this house and what is a large room it’s all on one floor the bottom floor and we were just want to put everything in order so we don’t lose everything.

I think I’m operating in the shadow of those crazy Catholic bloggers from 15 years ago made everybody else feel like crap because they snub their nose is everyone and made him feel like crap because they all had an attitude of I’m right you’re wrong.

Sigh, I just want to clean my house every three months, put it in a orderly fashion get up do it and take a nap and then go to Saturday night church. The logic of that is I can sleep in on Sunday morning.

I’m being seriously honest that I’m a very thorough person and I kind of seriously wonder what these people would do if they had to deal with the lack of storage area, a problem that I have here in this small Clearwater Florida apartment.

Underneath it all , I think you have to be very innovative to know how to deal with some things here.

Starting with the kitchen this very little cabinet space dotthe cabinets are dark and if I stuffed everything underneath the island I wouldn’t know where anything is. So I use steel shelving around the island so I can see things where they are. Very simply, my husband can see it too. No yelling allowed as to where things are because he can see it.

I think my other attitude is that I’m very frustrated with people because they don’t act smart they don’t want to be smart. I grew up in an engineer’s house . He hung out with astronauts and other engineers from Grumman & Honeywell. I was never allowed to be stupid and would go on restriction or be put on restriction if I ever looked like I was about to be stupid. I have & I know someone who says no fear every five seconds it drives me crazy and I cannot like or hang around this individual. I’m coming to the realization that I can no longer hang around this individual because it wasn’t how I was brought up. My guess is that this person was brought up to think that stupidity is humility – it isn’t!

I can’t be near these people anymore because they’re like robots and they told her to vote it a certain way and they told her to brush their teeth in a certain way.

If you get near these people and most of them you ask them why can’t you ask questions and they say it’s wrong to ask questions.

I know better. They have no common sense and I define common sense as coming up with some creative way to fix things . To them, doing this is a mortal sin. Take this, they’ll grow old before their time.

Sigh, there, I said it all that’s my Lenten ride.

Oh, one more thing I can’t deal with people how they read prayers and make drama when they read prayers. Many of these people can’t pray in their own words because they don’t have their own words that’s a sin too. Nothing they have is any good so they have to spit on other people and tell them they’re wrong not right everything is wrong, it’s half empty.

I just put my arm up with a fist because I know I’m getting to the heart of the matter here . People come down here and they give us problems , we kneel back and lean back and not correctly . The tourists always look at us that we never do it right .

Tourists ? How the hell did she come up with that that topic? that was so last week. I’m sick of tourists because they take everything at this time of the year if you wanna rent a car, forget it sold out , everything. Add that to taking everything that you normally can get in regular non-tourist time.

We had to go to a deposition last week on Friday to Sarasota Bradenton area from Clearwater. I can hear you now . Our car died before the pandemic . My husband and I as a couple just decided that since we operate our office where we live, and I assume, why buy a car? Then the pandemic hit . We had a choice of put all the money into the business or buy a car and not be able to pay for it because he wanted his own legal firm. Then they cut the substitute teaching off and I just decided why not help him? Besides, the substitute teaching does not pay enough . As a 58 year old age it’s so sick of being taken advantage of on a daily basis. I’m not the stupid old ladies that I write about.

But we needed to get somewhere last week and we had to get a creative solution to that problem. Gas maybe up near four dollars a gallon but they filled it up half a tank for the money that we were paying. Besides, we figure it that we don’t have to make a car payment.

In a few sentences I can say this. We tried to rent a car last week had a reservation at Budget Rent-A-Car at the local neighborhood outlet. That morning that I was supposed to pick up the car . But we got a phone call from another neighborhood outlet telling me that they didn’t have a car that I had a reservation for . Mr. skinny millennial in the northern part of the county where I was going to be forced to go, informed me that all the cars are at the airport . There are no neighborhood cars we stuck them at the airport. So off we went to the airport with my husband & I stood in line for 3 hours.

There were no problems on my credit card and a full amount of the $400 credit that I had on this one card because I just paid it off and I called my credit card people three times before before before I got to the rental desk. There stood two Spanish guys who did not appear to know what they were doing. I will write a letter to corporate about this my lawyer husbands letterhead. I will get results, trust me.

So, I get to the desk I showed him my reservation, I gave my real Florida drivers license to him, with my credit card, and he runs it three times, no, four times. Oh this while he was acting very slow and holding his hand or his finger against where the system would catch the credit card. I caught him in four seconds to 10 seconds of shaking his head. He whispered two things under his breath in Spanish that I cannot repeat here. Hey people, I’ve had at least seven years of Spanish in college and high school.

He gives all my stuff to his alleged supervisor I’m having a problem with the system. I knew this was a * why because he whispered something in Spanish to a supervisor with the bald head. Hey people I’m Irish 65%, these two Spanish people are going down. I am going to win this one with a free weekend because they had a reservation they could not acknowledge or honor. I’m a lawyer’s wife dammit I’m gonna get mine your thoughts are not gonna take me down.

So the supervisor thinking I’m not a smart Spanish person like him, cops more attitude.

This is taking up too much time the guy with the bald head said. I am going to decline it even though she has the money and I have to reserve these cars for these tourists that’s what I thought I heard him say .

He got awful pissed off when I took his picture like I’m gonna get him an indictment by his corporate superiors.

Below is a picture of the guy the supervisor last Thursday morning when I was trying to get the car at budget Rent-A-Car desk. He threatened to call the police on me because I took his picture. Sorry dude, but that didn’t work I just took his picture because I want his superiors to know what he did. He told me I had no money on my credit card but my credit card was completely paid off.

Here is the line that formed and then I was in for two hours waiting with the Tourists.

Here is his picture. Do not rent from budget Rent-A-Car they are not nice. Behind me was a lady and a man from Binghamton New York retired, but they gave them a car with bald tires and mechanical problems.

There, I said it. That was my week.

Because I don’t want everybody doing this and I wanna still have a Plan B of operating in an emergency when I have to go somewhere, I rented my Plan B wheels where I normally do and didn’t get a fight. Yeah, they were out of wheels where I normally rent but their affiliate in North Clearwater had enough wheels to I could rent and it wasn’t in a regular rental car situation.

Not many tourists know what North Clearwater is because it’s more residential and half as expensive as what these tourists or are you all outside where I live pay.

Why is it so expensive? take a look at the calendar , people. Take a look at the weather up north. It’s still snowing up north. One hint we can tell you right now the minute the temperature hits above 85°, those people the jack up the rates are gone.

Yeah, the minute the temperature goes up those people can’t deal with it that they melt and they leave.

That is what we all here in native Florida land or semi-native The Florida land call off-season. The minute it hits 90° or near 90° and the humidity goes up that’s when the rates go down for us.

I am not a happy camper it’s one week later.

I was lucky I had friends in North Clearwater or friends in the neighborhood who know I do a lot of business with them.

I am so tempted to tell everybody what I used. Let’s just say that I used a rental truck that’s not normally used for the purpose that I used it for . Mrs. scrupulous church chat it’s too dumb to do this . For her this a mortal sin.

Throw Mr. & Mrs.scrupulous church chat who says I don’t Kneel correctly in the Gulf of Mexico headfirst. They are not getting more people in church because it’s a growing number of young people who would rather sleep in on Sunday mornings to do what they say.

To those people who sleep in I’m getting like you, but I still have my faith enough to go to church every Sunday and keep it creative in my own way .

I think I figured it out in the middle of this lent 2022. I don’t be told what to do it by either of the two camps. If I fix things the way I see best I beat both.

That’s my blog this week. I’m gonna add Sunday or Saturday night to my Lenten repertoire.

Having paid for Adobe Premier, I think it’s time I finally learned how to use it. So this Sunday I might attempt a craft .

So here I go this afternoon because at 4 o’clock they send us a text message and we grab our referrals for clients that we take the phone off the hook and it takes two of us to grab about 50 referrals. Call this Thursday referral grab.

And people will all ask me how am I doing working with my husband?

My answer? given the fact that I don’t wear painted nails and have fat fingers, i’ve given the fact that I don’t do things like the other 30 and 40 something ladies do I get snarky and nasty and mean because I want validation from you and your friends, i’m creative enough to do fine if I don’t go near you or think about you.

All right, my fist just went up and a validation that I got this better than you because I’m here.

Sigh. I’m going to keep asking questions and I hope that annoys some of you. Why can’t they think for themselves?

It’s still Lent, stay tuned.