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In search of the perfect Christmas tree – one that’s affordable. #TooExpensive #It’sGrinchTime#MyCardsAreGoingToBePaidOffByTheEndOfThisCrazySeason

We searched for the perfect Christmas tree last night thoughtafter that, with your hands up and said it’s not worth $300 to be ripped off at Lowe’s, Walmart, or homedepot.

We gave up & paid attention to each other and went for a good $50 pizza birthday dinner at a local Italian joint, Russos

After 23 years of marriage we have just decided somethings are just not worth it.

We’re worth it to each other but this exterior stuff. They can take it back to China. They are not us.

And I’ve turned the corner and smiled at the fact that my husband is going to be 60 tomorrow . My eyes are wide and well it’s a number.

Add the fact that we had cheesecake and everything I decided to make it a three day bash just us.

But this tree thing? It’s gotten out of hand.

I could not believe how obscene this tree nightmare has turned into another nightmare . It just was not worth it spending $300 for something I have to store in a month .

I’m going as cheap as possible there is no moral reasoning for this. 

Somehow someway going to get everything paid off right before the first of the year so I could smirk at the people who think they’re better than me…

Oh yeah before I forget, the IRS came back at us this year and said we owed $804.19 . Don’t even think you’re coming at us for any more of it because I paid alll of it this week. A fine has also been partially paid . By the end of the month, all or most of my credit cards will be paid off completely.

I’m not saying Bah humbug I just would rather be in a financial position to deal with the rest of this Covid nightmare.

Trust me people I would advise you to do the same . If something more if they throw to us in the next year, will be ready for it.

My Christmas list? Right now, let’s just deal with the financial goals. There’s less than $1000 or less than $2000 to be paid off for credit cards.

These nerds keep offering me a car loan.

No I’ll pass& I’ll Uber for another six or seven months.

People given the fact that we work in our own legal practice business at home and as long as we can do so, we will. They raise the rent on us from 800 to 1200 a month.

So, we really don’t go out much and we don’t need something like a car right now because we work here. And honestly, we take our time and it’s a learning process .

At first Christmas was like oh it’s going to be the best the greatest . The next stage of that is G would you like to be better than everyone else and have everything paid off so you could smirk at them in January?

I mean when the millennials come at me and say that I’m dog shit or old, I just put that in their face. It’s not a nice way of reasoning but I’ve got that. And I came to the conclusion that I have been working as long as some of these hooo hoos have been alive and have fine-tuned things they can’t even think of, so there you go.

People there’s a judges chamber in Hillsborough county Florida and Tampa that celebrates Christmas in July every year.

They decorate it by putting all kinds of Florida things on the tree.

I like that the best that’s classier! It’s original and it doesn’t mean that I have to buy cheap Chinese shit.

So Valentine’s Day is better around here because we try not to fight and we try to do something nice it’s like an extra anniversary around here.

No one’s fighting here about a Christmas tree!

I’m going to keep it simple there’s one on sale it’s 6 foot for $40. It has multicolored lights it probably comes from the same factory in China.

There is a difference between want and need.

There’s also a huge difference between stupid and smart!

We are not dumb people. I only add onto that is if my husband is an attorney and I am a very well educated woman, and we are dealing with things, I can only imagine how in debt everybody is . That is no way to live.

People if you think Covid was bad in the last year and a half quit your bitching and whining because there’s more crap to come.

OK let’s just put it on the table when I was 30 something back in the 90s, I had to deal with the first Iraq war. I heard all their excuses as to why they didn’t wanna make things better .

I think we learn that it’s not their little deal it’s what we do instead.

I dream about having an Apple desktop computer with all the bells and whistles. I dream about having my cello back along with the guitars. I dream about getting an electric bike and a SUV car that’s paid off I had to give up when we had to get rid of all the stuff during the garage sales three years ago. Oh you wouldn’t believe what we had to get rid of! It was like sending the ghost of Christmas past packing with all of his dust.

Then I sing a Christmas song of patience that makes me smile.

Let’s just be ready for what they throw at us first and get out of debt . Get away from people who tell you you have to have this big ass Christmas so they can lord it over you . Take charge and move away from the toxic mama who tells it you have to have this or that so she can whatever….

Bring on 2022 I can deal with it!