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Happy Monday our toilet is backed up all the way into our tub . Read what happened here.There is no easy way to put this stuff and it’s no easy way to show you.I called the maintenance for our building. I’m taking pictures of this just in case they don’t do anything.

Just in case any of you out there get political with me I have a place to stick you. I didn’t make my own coffee this morning I called McDonald’s.

And for most of you who have your mouth open to see this even on a post where I’m supposed to be nice and Christian, forget it . All this happened last night.I just gotten home from buying cleaning products at the dollar store, lucky me.

When I called up the landlord he told me he sold the place. Then I called the maintenance line & I pressed 2 no one answered.

I called the plumber to see if I could pay for this myself because I can’t stand the smell in half an inch of water that’s already in my bathroom.. The water even leaked a little bit into my living room on the other side of the wall . And from the looks of it on the other side of the wall has receded by now. That’s good, because the electrical plug in my living room no longer works and I need it for zoom calls.

I have this blog because I want people to know that if you move here, the same stuff happens here as everywhere else.

I guarantee if they don’t show up today I will give everyone the name address and phone number of the landlord and property manager if they do not fix this. Hitting and murder are Illegal , so this is how I’m going to be assertive.

Normally, and I will give them a fair shot, it’s pretty nice around here… But this is an old building here in Florida, built in the 70s, when they fix this it won’t be bad.

Stay tuned let’s see if they fix this because we have another zoom call at noon time.