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Here is the reading for morning prayer /liturgy of the hours of the Roman Catholic Church. #CheckInTheFaithbox message? Put your trust in God not, man. #IMayBeMadButIGetIt #WhereIsTheRestOfThemToCheckTheBox? #It’sNotAboutTheBabiesIt’sAboutFaith #YouDon’tCheckThisBoxYou’reADoofus

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Happy new year 2022 We need to talk.. This January 6 thing at the capital last year. I am almost ready to leave the Catholic church after what happened but I try to stay. #ThisIsTheMostAwfulThingIHaveEverExperiencedinmyfaith #SeeMyPatronizingSmileToTheJerksaspayback

This is my dumb ass patronizing smile back to these people because they do it to me all the time! It’s payback time!

There are too many Trump supporters who are church leaders…It has gotten so bad that it’s worse than the 2002 abuse scandal which I didn’t pay any attention to.

People, I have absolutely HAD enough!!!

Back then and even in my younger 30 something years, I was told to let them have space before and with the clergy and don’t get too involved with them and keep my distance . I was taught to have boundaries with people when I was younger. That might’ve saved me for some agony that these people who got involved with or were pulled into situations that caused the scandal. So that’s why the scandal didn’t bother me one little bit because personally I had boundaries. Limits were had when I was dating before I was married also. Take it from there! I absolutely did not let myself get into situation that would cause a problem later.

But this Jan 6 and the Trump hypocrisy scandal 2016-2020 took me and shook me to the core. For a long period I didn’t want to go to church but I went and when I did it was a scarce item. I am talking about that if they’re getting away with this, why the hell should I do anything! I left myself to God’s mercy and love and not do any of the things I thought I was obligated to do. They were going on and on for years about a crisis of faith? I had faith when they were talking about that and I learned it in the 70s and 80s and 90s didn’t have a problem until they came along . Now, I told myself they weren’t around when I was around why should I even do anything? Get them out of my face!

“ Oh, you mean YOU!” , I tell them I learned my faith where the H or F were you when you were in college jumping and whoring from bed to bed having psycho orgies and smoking marijuana, taking drugs and doing shit that you weren’t supposed to do in the first place? I went to a retreat in 2016 where a woman got up for a retreat testimony and admitted to in a singsong patronizing voice to“ I killed my baby & had an abortion in college after I fd my boyfriend. After I had to borrow money to do it.” I got indignant after hearing that. She let her came up to me later on and asked me did I get saved or something. Meanwhile back at the retreat ranch, they were looking at me like I never did anything in my life that was holy. And she’s admitting to an abortion?This was around the Trump election. Those very same people at the turn of the head will tell you that baby murderers should be in prison. Add a smart ass me , bold enough to look at that lady and said you mean after you said all that in front of everyone of us? Maybe I should just call the Hillsborough state attorneys office right now and tell them what you did . I know some of them because of my work with my husband, hey make it illegal and have you admit to what you just admitted . If everything goes as you want and abortion being illegal,you’ll be in prison by next year for doing what you did . Don’t even come within 18 feet of me because I’m gonna turn it right back on your skinny murdering baby ass.

Around that same time, and right before the Trump election my husband the diabetic lost half his right foot to a severe infection .I wanted to skin some Trump supporters alive because this is what I heard them say: they told me it was a mortal sin to have insurance. They told it was it was a mortal sin to also have Medicaid when your insurance lapsed ? All insurance is bad because you should earn your keep and not kill babies insurance pays medical people to kill babies. Use that baby sting line is a line hook and sinker to make you think everything you do is wrong even after menopause when you cannot have babies. Babies are Geeeeeehyuuuud like I saaaaaaay in the way I sayyyyyy.

No wonder why are you saying people out there don’t go to church! We need to lock those people up.

Tell you what people, keep not going to church but pray on the inside on your own and don’t show yourself in church until we get rid of those nut jobs it’s it’s gonna take some time so sleep in. I’m gonna say it again: sleep in all you want because these people are nuts jobs. And those of us to hang in there I’m working on getting rid of them quick.

Now the rest of you who still sit next to me in a pew, I’m asking this . I’m am saying it like it is! What is causing this over psychological shift to doing everything correctly? What kind of low self-esteem do these people have that they have to do ever thing correctly? What is causing this? I need to look this up in a DSM book.

One word to the idiomatic halfwit have brains of the world in the USA: MORONS!

I wanna restate this over and over again. I have a lot of glitter faith still and it’s very personal. And these newbies who think they are the ones who have created the faith can kiss my ass. And their brains, they think they’re Jesus Christ himself who has died on the cross for them and no one else. Oh wait a minute this just in, that’s not needed just support Trump . He died for your sins.

The over orthodox Catholics morons-morons told me I wasn’t praying correctly when I came up with my own prayers. Then the morons hand me an examination of conscience that has an item on there it says that I shouldn’t be at “Holy Mass” with a blank mind, while not getting the real point of prayer itself. They know very well they take a walk in with no brain and no mind just repeating everything everybody else says verbatim like an after Mass coffee and donut robot . No creativity allowed. They’re not allowed to have their own thoughts or creative measures or think creatively they just have to follow what everybody else says verbatim. No, we can’t be ourselves they say that was sinful.

Major million dollar bet, it’s not gonna last for very long .

These people are the zombies of the Roman Catholic Church.

Unless you’re familiar with Catholic theology you’re not gonna understand what I wrote beneath this paragraph.

The catholic robot zombies are saying:

Absolutely positively in a patronising voice saying this like this that “ no holy communion in the hand! The body is holy except for when you’re expressing yourself from your mouth which is part of your body . You can never hold a holy host which is the real presence of Jesus, which you don’t believe because I said so.I don’t care what you believe but I said so I said so I said so. I’m gorgeous little mirror I don’t know what I said because it is so…. Nobody believes but me me me! Don’t tell anybody but I actually did that survey in the pew and falsified all that information so you can build me for Catholic meDon’t tell anybody but I actually did that survey in the pew and falsified all that information so you can build me for Catholic me , NOT YOUuuuuuuu. Remember this you sinner in the mud: I am the only one that believes not you. I am the only good Christian holy faith person that is going to HUHVUUUN.”

Respectful ???? More like parrot time patronizing.

My inside dialogue goes like this: you’re admitting it? You’re admitting silently you did you beat the shit out of your kid . All that you did something unholy with your hands and God Almighty can never forgive you. You duck and cover when you receive with your mouth. That’s the only way only way to receive because someone else told you that and you got insecure and you can’t fix your own thoughts and every one of them is bad bad bad bad.

And the regular over heated Floridians in the pew and the south are saying, “ bring all the lightning bolts we have survived”, not you . Tampabay my home is the lightning capital of the world & I’m still standing by the way. But while you’re at it God there’s a few of them we need to get rid of. Go for it!

I guarantee every last one of those crazy nut jobs has been in a Covid ward or has had a family member in a Covid ward because they’ve made your life a living hell and didn’t get vaccinated. But that’s another topic. Oh did I tell you they don’t wash their hands because they don’t need to because they’re not gonna receive in the hand.

Reason : don’t receive communion in the hand because well we can’t have the fact that I wiped my backside and God only loves my tongue and it’s almost Gnosticism to say this. Attention everybody who is it gets me writing this: go look up the word gnosticism. And while you’re at it go look up the word deism . You might be enlightened by both those pursuits.

It is so bleeped up. These people would make the rule of no communion in the hand because it makes them look like the boss. But they are not. We can’t touch the Eucharist host because that’s part of Jesus body and your human physical body is holy. But it is not holy enough because you’re the devil all the time. They’ll shoot you down and make you feel like a pig. Remember people they say you are always a sinful dirt mud sucking pig that is A mud sucking sinner. Your hands have sinned and your tongue has not ..,, sic .

Reality check: I don’t get them! I don’t get their logic I don’t get any of it… Because 90% of the time they’re a lot younger than me and they didn’t put in any of the 1960s 70s and 80s90s 00s stuff that I’ve done . Don’t asked to see pictures of that because if I have to do that you mud sucking sinners I kind of find out your score card is very very short. I kept a checklist every day for 30 years of what good I did. It is not always outside especially when you’re dealing with God or anything that I understand is holy.

However, I am tempted to put it all out there so you guys can kiss my feet like I’m supposed to kiss your ass. But sorry I’m not gonna do that because you didn’t wipe correctly. You used your hand & had thoughts. So where are you going to communion when your hands touched your ass and God knows what your tongue touched. Remember what you did in college? I never did any of that.

Sing it to me Catholic clergy with a brain because these people are off and you know damn well I’m saying it like it is. Don’t come at me because I’m telling it like it is don’t you dare!

Ok, it is it’s screwball time these people are weirdos and they talk from two sides of their mouth because many of them supported that thing that happened last year on January 6.

But think about it people who are in the Roman catholic church! Take a squinting thinking actually using your brain look at this . I mean really think about it and remember what kind of people are they? Some 99% of them do not dress like everyone else. There’s your sign ! How do they talk? What are their mannerisms? What do these jerk off‘s do for a living in the first place? What do their faces look like when they say you’re not respectful & how high do their noses go after they say it? I’m asking some serious questions here: why do they have to carefully and slowly enunciate every word like they’re hesitating to say every single word that they’re saying? Do they have a physical speech problem? Or do they have a serious psychological problem that they should be put away for for many months? Give them a stare down that makes them walk away and they can’t handle it. Then, get their name their address and their phone number so you call the FBI and fib or whatever you have to do to say that the fact that January 6 uprising. Why equals side they do it to you if the shoe was on the other . Or at the rate things are going you might not have to lie.

Put these suck ups in their place. Tell their bishop on them and make them pay. Hang them high. Hang Them high!!!!!

Who gives them the right to stick their nose at you ? You damn well know that most of you do pray and you do it in the right way. It’s your prayer and not anybody else’s because it comes from you! Since when do these morons who played with an insurrection and a few other things with their hands get to tell you what to do?

I can’t believe it. I am more than indignant that these other people are running around putting doubts in peoples heads when they’re trying to earn a living in Florida where the cost of living has gone through the roof.

I may be going on and on but I can produce proof that the cost of living has gone through the roof. Case in point: our rent went from 800 a month to 1200 a month and that’s just the light of it. I live in Clearwater Florida.

But if you don’t have a college degree or at least training for a trade don’t think you could come to Florida and earn a living . You need at least $ 70 to $ 80,000 in order to live here very comfortably . But a lot of these people are real rednecks and think they can come down here and earn that there jobbbbb.

I married a private practice lawyer and I work with him and we’re a team to fight this. Our college degrees hang over our living room wall over our IKEA couch which also serves as a zoom conference couch. We have a private practice of law in a massive pandemic and we’re surviving.

A good almost majority of our clients are all on payment plans because they’re not earning enough money . They are not being paid a fair wage . I did not name names.

Don’t get mad Atty hubby husband because I did not name names.

Back to the subject of not being able to go to communion because I’m not praying enough or holy enough. Oh yeah, I am a Democrat and should not ever be able to do anything right.

But I’m gonna remind you I didn’t do that Jan 6 insurrection last year. You all did. Not only that, but many of you more than money back then I said oh that was just the boys playing but it wasn’t.

Please US CCB and the USA DOJ hang them high.

This is really happening folks this is been happening for the last four years. It has been the roughest experience I have ever experienced in my entire 50 something years.

Folks, I can’t do it anymore . I can’t be a such a fake hooligan Christian and do that anymore and have people inside out and outside in & all around tell me I’m in mortal sin for not supporting Trump . And there’s a girl a woman that was in my wedding she voted for him I don’t like her ever wanna see her ever again.

I know I’m not the only one with a brain in my head .

This is serious folks people are out there telling people if they’re not going to be able to go to communion because they support Biden . But look at this insurrection

This is so awful I don’t even feel like going to church anymore.

Meanwhile back at the Covid ranch, if I have insurance money you’re telling me I’m going to straight to hell because Q insurance pays for the sucking of blood of babies.I also pay for birth control and other bullshit items that they’re trying to suck me up into. Oh, oh yeah, they’re telling me that I should just offer up my pains in sickness and never go to the doctor . Take a good look people who is behind this ? Holy Qqqqqqqq.

EFF that! Did you get that US CCB? I don’t say this often but I have two bishops as second cousins . I almost promised one of them I wouldn’t say who I was out there to the public but if something isn’t done soon I might just come out. I did not name names guys, yet .

I was resolved to get a lot done today but after going online since this morning I am

Oh don’t even talk to me about prayer I have a interior dialogue with my prayer life thank God for that! These people who say that I don’t pray correctly need to be hung high by their toenails. I need to be hung by their toenails and their eyelashes and their eyebrows. They need to be taken out by their butt hairs and cheeks and hung high by the backside the hairs of the backside as an example of what not to do.

I have never felt this indignant in my entire life because of the accusations that I don’t do anything correctly: prayer, annunciating prayer, praying Latin, wearing of a old style old fashioned mantilla just to name a few things . Don’t even talk to me about the doubt that still in peoples head because it’s evil incarnate when they come up to you.

It’s going to happen I’m going to order a mantilla and burn it in fact maybe I need to burn a whole bunch of them and show them.

Oh yeah based on the reason that my body and my husband’s body —-we don’t produce children to their satisfaction of their stick upon the ass stick up your ass fashion, we shouldn’t go to communion because we have no children. Add that to the fact that I’m 58 and already hit menopause about 3 1/2 years ago.

Put it this way: after that January 6 uprising don’t let me know who you are because I will get legal injunctions in my local county here in Florida against you. I will come at you like a legal nuclear bomb. I will want to eat something that makes me sick and throw up on you. OK? Oops I’m sorry I’ll say in a nice little patronizing voice with an overbite on my upper lip & did! Oops I’m sorry I’ll say in a nice little patronizing voice with an overbite on my upper lip. I didn’t mean to throw up on you I just did. Oh I’ll say, I’m sorry I’m offering it up that I can’t afford healthcare and it’s a mortal sin because I have it on record that you said that I can’t afford healthcare and maybe I should just offer it up for the holy babies.

I want everybody reading this to understand if I do that I’ve got a look them straight in the eye and just say I need to be paid $200,000 to do that! And if you don’t pay me I’ll be so tempted to take a picture of you go home and spit on that picture because it’s illegal for me to do it to you in person. Don’t talk to me about sin when you support those sons of bitches who did that last year at January 6.

I haven’t gotten up from this couch in 12 hours. It’s Saturday and I’m that upset . 

And save everything to see this. My 11year old dog had a beagle accident on the kitchen floor. 

I want every one of those Trump people to do me a damn favor and look carefully at the neat little accident that my dog left for you.

Get another thing straight I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever go to confession for writing this.

Hey lady who told me that I’m going to hell because I don’t have 18 children like the Duggers this is what you can do to your mantilla. I feed my doggy wet food so it looks crunchy and wetter .

Enough said.I’ve had enough of all of you . you Gotta do it our way. 

Payback time take a good look at what my dog did for you.

It’s cleanup time. Good dog, good boy!

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Be careful world at large I’m in one of those severe troll moods and I’m trying to hold my breath until it passes…. If you want to stop me , throw money. You know what? Not celebrating the anniversary of the Trump insurrections tomorrow,& so I am not responsible for who I call to come get you.

Any questions?

I am so sick and tired of those little pukey patronising catholic people who say if I didn’t vote for Trump I was going straight to hell.

This urge to troll is so bad that I’m even considering downloading a shooting video game to a very nice computer . Yeah that would be nice, then I’ll like put your faces on the screen and pretend it’s You all.

My mouth is still open one year later after what they tried to do . Take great comfort that most of them are going to jail and have all of their citizen rights revoked. Thank God they can no longer vote.

No I am not proud of my fellow Floridian state people because they’re at least 100 of them who got arrested and busted because they stormed the capital. I’m a Democrat and I hate those people yes I said it: hate them! I take great comfort that when they got arrested the face was licking the tarmac.

And still, It puts my faith back in society these people are now going to be off the street for a very long time and extreme convicted felons will not be able to vote next year or in 2024 election for president! That really put my faith back in society!

I am cheering because I’m listening to AC/DC on Pandora which is a subscription streaming service for music. We are doing this at 7 PM at night, because we can.

I am never ever going to kneel correctly for these people and I don’t do it for these people I do it for God another thing forget it. 

These Trump pushers who think they’re so perfect and running the church and doing everything that’s not right and just and holy, there’s something wrong with them.

I don’t write dare you and guarantee these total assholes do not check the follow the church the real Christian checkboxes every morning.

And the US CCB and Pope Francis and all of those guys are now pushing the SYNOd which I personally think has something to do with really examining their values and the church is values in a non-superficial way.

In short, Pope Francis is coming for anybody who is a leader & does not agree. So in affect the FBI it’s not the only one cleaning house.

I keep telling you people it’s coming.

I’m not the only one who feels like this . If the FBI wants to take some time off from having to arrest to arrest those little piggy people . Just put them next to the ex mafia who will annoy them . It’d be the event of the century that two birds with one stone boom done.

I swear to God I don’t know either of these people or any of them . Let’s just put them in a corner & let it all be the annoying death match . And then you save all the taxpayers dollar money you know where everybody is boom done. I’m almost not kidding about this they should just let them do it.

It will implode people it’s not going to last forever it took me a solid 2 to 3 years to really figure that out.

And yeah, I’m holding my breath because I’m just so tired of this crazy train.

Oh one more thing, I wonder if St Paul had anything to do with those type of people who thought everything had to be prim and proper. When I was checking the Reading the bible this morning, a lot of them were ex-Jews and they were saying all the Gentile still had to be circumcised and everything had to be prim and proper and blah blah blah so I think he might of run across a few of your ancestors.

And another thing but last on my list where did you go to Rome stick your ass in the catacombs. Play dead for the rest of your life.

Boy, troll I am . I own this domain and I can say what I want and I will not be banned .

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In the middle of advent , I have to address something: scrupulosity. It is not normal to sit there and worry about religious stuff all the time. Many of these people have absolutely no balance and no identity and no understanding a self in the middle of it all. Read what I’m posting here. These people are experts and I’m posting it. Scrupulous people have OCD many of them in a mentally ill.